Who We Are

CybrSafe is accredited with the Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner as an eSafety provider.

Jeremy Kalbstein

As a parent and educator working in K-12 education and eLearning for the past decade, Jeremy has the experience and the understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by parents, schools and children growing up in the digital age.

With many years spent providing face to face and online learning in cyber safety, ICT and Digital Technologies, Jeremy has honed his skills to design and deliver engaging and deep thinking learning experiences. He has a passion for innovative thinking and elearning, and helping people enjoy the many benefits to be had using technology safely and appropriately.

An energetic person, Jez can be found either swing dancing, dreaming of an elusive professional footballer contract or playing the role of stepladder for his kids’ imaginative play. In his remaining spare time Jez likes to keep fit by helping other people keep fit too.

Roxanne Ciddor

Roxanne has extensive experience in the fields of teaching, teacher-librarianship and e-learning. In an information-rich age, it has never been more important to equip our young people with the skills they need to be safe and discerning technology users. As a teacher and a parent, Roxanne is passionate about embracing the wonderful opportunities provided by technology while ensuring safe and appropriate use. In between times, Roxanne enjoys home renovation and spending time imagining and creating with her daughter.

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Tony Nguyen, Co-Founder